Customer recognition & offers in real time

When visiting the Co-operative I noticed that Anchor butter was considerably cheaper than Tesco, so I took a few steps back and had another look just to make sure. I didn't purchase the item, but surprisingly at the self service checkout I received an automated discount voucher on my next shop for 50p off any Anchor product on my next shop, within 7 days.

While potentially a simple coincidence, there are evolving scripts in python that allow face recognition and so forth (You can actually swipe your screen without having to touch it etc). So, are they now connecting store cards with shopper movements and on the fly issuing discount vouchers to drive in store sales?

I do think so.

Just like how your phone listens and serves adverts relating to what you've talked about... when not even using your phone.

Plenty of deja vu... coming to a store near you.

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